Language of the Quran

What does this UK Jewish MP have to say about Israel?

Not what you would expect. His departing statement speaks volumes; ‘Israel are not only war criminals, they are fools’. The MP speaks about his personal experience. His grandmother being shot dead in the holocaust. His family in Israel and his many visits to Israel.

A short 5 minute clip and a must watch. The MP talks a lot of sense. Please leave comments.

What happens to your body when you fast?

This year we are completing 18 hour fasts in the peak of summer. How is your fast going? Mine I must say alhumdulillah is much more doable than I ever could have imagined. This short two minute clip explains all the benefits to our body from fasting. 2 key pieces of advice:
1. Eat good food (Iftar and Suhoor)
2. Don’t exert yourself.

What is daily life in Occupied Palestine like? Unbelievable!!!

This is a very informative half an hour video which I urge all to watch. Surely now the world needs to wake up and make peace in Palestine the priority. But how can we when some of us don’t even have a clue whats happening over there including myself. However it is becoming common knowledge more and more. Watching this video I feel like I am watching a piece of history only I’m not. This is happening now. Unbelievable.

Oh Allah help our people. Please leave comments. Jazakallah khayrun.

Are you honest at work? (Juzz 5)

It is amazing and reassuring for the heart and mind of a believer to know that Allah governs every single aspect in our lives. We have guidance available for everything subhanallah so we are never at loss. This video is about cheating and being honest especially at work and when it comes to money. You realize how easy life would be if we all just followed Allah’s advice but to do that of course we need to love and fear Allah.

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What do you give in charity? (Juzz 4)

In this video brother Nouman elaborates upon a well known ayah (verse) from the Quran in Surah Ali Imran. Mashallah the Arabic language is like no other. The imagery and word play in the Quran is fascinating.

What to do we give to charity? We may regularly donate things that we are done with and no longer need. and that is good but this ayah explains that piety is giving from that which you love. So giving your favorite clothes rather than clothes that you no longer want. Now that is difficult but we can all understand how this is testing and you attain a higher level when you are able to do something like this subhanallah.

The importance of keeping charity secret is mentioned. Keep your good deeds between Allah and you as much as possible inshallah. If you give your heart to the people they will stamp on it for sure. But if you give it to Allah then this is the best place for it.

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Does Allah love us? (Juzz 3)

Here is the third video in the series referring to the third juzz of the Quran. Brother Nouman explains that Allah gives us trials because he loves us and never gives us more than we can bear. Our tribulations are tailor made to us subhanallah. Trials are necessary to bring out the best in us. After all a diamond is just a piece of coal under pressure.

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Do you worship Allah or Ramadan? (Juzz 2)

As salamu alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak.

I will be following these short videos this Ramadan by Brother Nouman.

This video poses a very mind blowing question. Ramadan gives us 30 days to get into certain routines. Better habits. It is 30 days so that we firmly establish good habits and should inshallah naturally continue them beyond Ramadan. But why isn’t this happening for many of us? Let us all inshallah bullet point at least 3 good habits that we have taken up in Ramadan and sincerely want to continue after Eid.

Please watch and leave comments. Jazakallah khayrun.

What do Muslims today have in common with the first generations of Muslims? (Juzz 1)

As salamu alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak.

I will be following these short videos this Ramadan by Brother Nouman.

In this video he discusses just a few verses from the longest surah in the Quran, Surah Baqarah.

The concept discussed is how we respond to Allahs commandments. We are shocked by them or find them too much to ask for Subhanallah. How could Allah possibly ask for too much from us?

A must watch. Please leave comments.