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About Shahena Hussain (Senior Lecturer) —

“Those to whom We have given the Book (the Qur’an) study it as it should be studied: they are the ones that believe therein: those who reject faith therein the loss is their own.”  (Qur’an, 2:121) Shahena Hussain has studied Arabic language in the UK under well known and respected teachers. She has been teaching Arabic for […]

Why Learn Arabic? —

The Quran cannot be translated. A translation is merely an interpretation of the meaning of the Quran. We should not rely on translations fully. Reading a translation of the Quran should only be a temporary purpose in assisting the student of knowledge while she learns Arabic. Only when you learn arabic can you realise what a […]

A Brief History of Language of the Quran —

Where it all started Language of the Quran first ever course was held in the year 2005 at Queen Mary, University of London, where our senior lecturer Shahena Hussain was an undergraduate student. These were once weekly classes held on a Wednesday afternoons, mainly attended by undergraduates and postgraduates at the university and some people […]

A4 Advanced Arabic Course —

What will you learn in this course? This course delves into the science of ‘Sarf’. The previous levels focused mainly on the science of ‘Nahw’ but this level however focuses very much on ‘Word Morphology’. This knowledge is fundamental to the student of knowledge as it opens up the door to a greater understanding of […]

A3 Intermediate Arabic Language —

What will you be learning? This level is designed to take the core knowledge learnt from the previous courses, and to complete the basics as it relates to verbs. Course A1 studied nouns and we only touched upon verbs without going too in depth. This course completes laying down the foundation so that the student […]

A2 Beginners Arabic Language —

Who is this course for? This course is for those who have no experience learning Arabic language i.e. don’t understand Arabic, but can read the Arabic words or the Quran. Here the student will start from the very beginning, learning how to form simple sentences, how to ask fundamental questions and eventually how to have […]

Rehana’s Experience of Learning Arabic —

Starting to learn Arabic has been the most progressive thing I have ever done. For some years I have felt that I want to learn this particular language that Allah has chosen to convey His message. But expectedly there has been a low force preventing me and telling me that I am too busy, that […]