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Ramadan Lesson 7 – The Islamic Home —

The Islamic Home Abdullah al-Qarni describes the Islamic home beautifully when he writes: ‘The Islamic home is one that is founded on God-consciousness. Its pillars are the fear of Allah. Its foundations are good deeds; its gardens are obedience to the commands of Allah.’ In Ramadan the Islamic home is full with recitation, remembrance, humility […]

Ramadan Lesson 4 – Dhikr of Allah —

Dhikr of Allah Allah says in the Quran: ‘So remember Me, and I shall remember you’ (2:152). The one who fasts remembers Allah ‘standing’, ‘sitting’ and ‘reclining on their sides’. In the month of Ramadan the Muslim increases his remembrance of Allah. The pangs of hunger are pacified through dhikr and the fast becomes easier. […]