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Do you want to Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid??? —

The following website is a very informative website providing up to date information on what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Specifically on the page below we are presented with 11 images explaining to us the answer to the above question. Please take a look and leave comments. Jazallah khayrun.

Are you honest at work? (Juzz 5) —

It is amazing and reassuring for the heart and mind of a believer to know that Allah governs every single aspect in our lives. We have guidance available for everything subhanallah so we are never at loss. This video is about cheating and being honest especially at work and when it comes to money. You […]

Does Allah love us? (Juzz 3) —

Here is the third video in the series referring to the third juzz of the Quran. Brother Nouman explains that Allah gives us trials because he loves us and never gives us more than we can bear. Our tribulations are tailor made to us subhanallah. Trials are necessary to bring out the best in us. […]