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Healthy Eating with Mushrooms —

Having a healthy diet is probably high in everyone’s agenda. Living in the heart ofLondonit certainly is a challenge to have a healthy and active lifestyle. It is just so easy to take the car or bus rather than walk and with the ever growing pollution in our environment it really is important to eat […]

Daily uses for Olive Oil —

Olive oil is a natural product that is grown in orchards and extracted from olives. One of the great things about natural products is that because of their proximity to the earth rather than the laboratory they cannot be patented. Thus they tend not to be heavily marketed to consumers and so we can easily […]

Salad with Olive Oil —

Adding olive oil to your foods is a great way to achieving a healthy diet. Here is an incredibly easy salad recipe with olive oil. You will need: ½ cup olive oil 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 8 cloves of garlic finely chopped Black pepper Salt Salad greens of your choice, such as watercress […]

How can I use Olive Oil? —

The big Hello!! There are many benefits to using olive oil. Studies have shown that consuming olive oil will provide the body with vitamin and nutrients as well as acting as an anti-oxidant. While boosting the internal bodily system with goodness, olive oil is known to protect against cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and other diseases. […]