Language of the Quran

Rehana’s Experience of Learning Arabic

Starting to learn Arabic has been the most progressive thing I have ever done. For some years I have felt that I want to learn this particular language that Allah has chosen to convey His message. But expectedly there has been a low force preventing me and telling me that I am too busy, that this knowledge is not for me, that I am not intelligent enough, and sometimes thinking that in practice I can live life without it. With the several translations of the Quran available today it does make me think that I can get away with not learning Arabic.

But why do translations not suffice, and what is so special about understanding the Quran in its original form? To answer this question I have to turn to the miraculous fact that the Quran today is in its exact state as it was when it was revealed to our last and most beloved Prophet (sa). The Quran has been conserved and we have been told that it will continue to remain in its perfect state until the Last Day. It is this complete sense of the Quran that has made the learning of Arabic so worthwhile.

Even though I am only working on Madeenah Book 1 I have already seen progress in my understanding of Arabic. The Quran is no longer sounds and syllables, but it has become a text with words, sentences and meaning. It has become a message and as Shahena Hussian stated in her introductory class, it has become ‘a personal message from Allah to me’ and of course to all mankind.

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