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Review of ‘Healing the Sad Hearts’ by Ustadha Umm Talha

On Saturday 28th December 2013 I had the pleasure of attending a one-off event at Darul Arqam, Whitechapel. I have to admit I am not steadfast in attending Islamic circles, but every now and again I feel a strong desire to attend classes in order to feel that special connection with other sisters and to get that boost in iman. I am so glad I went because it was a great lecture by Ustadha Umm Talha. It was a passionate talk and lively in a very informative way. It was well structured and commenced with the biology and facts of the heart. Having read Dr Gohor’s ‘The Intelligent Heart, The Pure Heart’ the topic was thankfully not wholly new to me (you can read my review of the book here: The understanding of the heart as not just a piece of flesh but also a thinking and learning entity was explained by Umm Talha. She said ‘The heart is an intelligent piece of flesh’ and indeed from our everyday lives we can testify to this.


What I found beneficial from the lecture was Umm Talha’s three main points that can remedy the sick hearts. Firstly, the sick heart can be cured by the daily recitation, memorization and understanding of the Quran. If we consult the Quran daily and actually understand the words of Allah it will act as a counsel for us. Surely the best of counsels is not a friend, nor even a teacher or imam, but the Creator himself. And Umm Talha went on to give real-life experiences of when the Quran acted as a counsel or shifa (cure) for those whom she knows.


Secondly, Umm Talha identified that good companionship heals the sick heart. This is because humans are easily influenced and if we surround ourselves with good people then it becomes easier for us to do good deeds.


And finally, Dhikr and Salat has a direct effect on the heart. The heart is tranquil by the remembrance of Allah and we should try and increase the remembrance of Allah in our daily lives. When doing dhikr it is important to have taqwa (consciousness) as at that point the maximum benefits can be earned.


This is just a condensed summary of what I took from the lecture. I wanted to share it here as I believe that others can also benefit from the lesson. I hope that there are many more lectures to come for sisters. I thought that it was great the lecture was chaired by two Muslim sisters and I agree with Darul Arqam that sisters can certainly benefit from more sisters being able to deliver lectures like these.


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