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What do you give in charity? (Juzz 4)

In this video brother Nouman elaborates upon a well known ayah (verse) from the Quran in Surah Ali Imran. Mashallah the Arabic language is like no other. The imagery and word play in the Quran is fascinating.

What to do we give to charity? We may regularly donate things that we are done with and no longer need. and that is good but this ayah explains that piety is giving from that which you love. So giving your favorite clothes rather than clothes that you no longer want. Now that is difficult but we can all understand how this is testing and you attain a higher level when you are able to do something like this subhanallah.

The importance of keeping charity secret is mentioned. Keep your good deeds between Allah and you as much as possible inshallah. If you give your heart to the people they will stamp on it for sure. But if you give it to Allah then this is the best place for it.

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